Savvy Soles
We are two sisters who have a passion for affordable fashion. Ever since we were young girls we were always styling outfits, doing each others hair, and putting on fashion shows for our family. We've always had to be independent and work for the things we've wanted. This has shaped our out-of-the-box creativity and ability to put together stylish outfits at an affordable budget. Visit us at to get more fashion, hair, and beauty tips that wont break the bank!
On a budget

Don’t Miss The 50% OFF ALDO Sale, Happening Now!

With Ann Taylor brewing up its 70% off flash sales, and Nordstrom's anniversary sale going on, it seems like just about every store is having a semi annual blowout sale. And we are not complaining! The Aldo shoe sale is also happening right now and trust us, you don't want to miss it. You can score fabulous finds at 50% off their original price. They have so many stylish option still in stock, from sandals to winter
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best at home hair dye

The Best At-home Hair Dye Solution You Need to Know About, Stat!

With their award winning custom hair color,  eSalon is the best thing to happen online- second to Netflix of course. We hate shelling out hundreds of dollars every month on root touch-ups and low maintenance dye jobs. So when we stumbled upon eSalon, our dreams finally came true. An online salon service with the best at-home hair dye!! The reason we were so enthralled with this site was because we felt
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