One Little Black Dress, Three Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine's Day Outfits

A little black dress, or LDB as it is sometimes more affectionately known, is a critical part of every gal’s wardrobe. Chief among its appealing attributes is versatility. You can wear a little black dress in almost any situation, from a casual spin through the farmers market to a romantic date. In fact, the right dress can become a wide variety of Valentine’s Day outfits. Check out the three I’ve put together to get some ideas – whether you have a hot date for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Get girly for breakfast…

Valentine's Day Outfits

This look is cool, casual and put together without looking like it “tried.” The floppy hat lends an effortless girly appeal, and the strappy heels make a feminine yet laid-back statement. These particular shoes are a favorite of mine, only $89.99 from Guess and also available in a range of hues, such as metallic or a wild blend of pinks and blues. The red bag makes everything pop, especially in combination with red nail polish. In terms of Valentine’s Day outfits, this one is a winner for the perfect day date.

Add a touch of sophistication for lunch…

Valentine's Day Outfits

Everyone loves the sophisticated look, and the little black dress + a sheer scarf makes it super easy. This should be one of your go-to Valentine’s Day outfits, both for its simplicity and its overall knockout effect. The floral scarf is admittedly the star of the show, I double wrapped it and made sure to show the hints of aqua, red and coral. A black bag and simple black pumps, along with a few rings and bracelets, complete the outfit.

Jazz it up for dinner…

Valentine's Day Outfits

When it comes to Valentine’s Day outfits, this haute couture look may just beat them all, especially for a romantic evening at an upscale venue. Whether you’re hitting up the nicest sushi joint in town or dining at an old-fashioned Italian restaurant (share a noodle and meet in the middle, anyone?), this outfit is perfect. The oversized clutch and leopard-print heels are classically classy, while the black blazer with shiny paneling adds real drama. I especially love the ear candy, though, dangling earrings in gold, available from Aldo for $10.00. Aren’t they beautiful?


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