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sons of anarchy

SPOILER ALERT WARNING: There is a Sons of Anarchy spoiler alert down below, so if you are not caught up, beware!


Lately, I feel like there is better content on television than in theatres. So I’ve been into so many shows and sometimes spend all night binge watching because I don’t have time during the day – it’s my guilty pleasure. This September was the premiere of (sadly) the final season of Sons of Anarchy, one of my favorite shows ever. The show aired for seven seasons and as a tribute to its end, I was inspired to put together these looks – all in some way fitting the theme, characters, and setting of the show.

Look 1- All-American Small Town Girl

sons of anarchy

This look was inspired mainly by the show’s setting. Sons of Anarchy takes place in a fictitious small American town, and for that small town look I paired some ripped jeans with an American flag shirt, an American flag bag and light brown sandals. I kept the jewelry really simple with a distressed silver bracelet and ring.


Look 2 – In Memory of Tara

sons of anarchy

At the end of season 6, one of my favorite Sons of Anarchy characters Tara was killed off. I loved Tara ’cause she was smart, strong and went for what she wanted. So as a tribute to her personality and minimalist style, I created a simple look with black jeans, a plain black tee and topped it off with a camel anorak jacket and camel boots (if you’ve seen Sons of Anarchy then you know these jackets and boots were a Tara wardrobe staple). Tara may be gone, but this casual and comfy look will live in my closet forever.


Look 3 – Plaid and Grungy Just Like Jax 

sons of anarchy

Oh Jax Teller, you are so hot that we all forgive your baggy 90’s style (or lack thereof). With this look I wanted to take Jax’s love for plaid shirts and make it cool. For me, plaid print already has so much going on that I like to keep everything else simple. So I went all black – black ripped jean shorts, plain black muscle shirt, leather cutout wrap boots, black snake necklace and let the red plaid shirt steal the show.


Look 4 – For A Dark Night Out


For my fourth and final Sons of Anarchy look, I felt like my collection needed a fancier “night out” outfit. I wanted to create something a little sexy so I paired ripped jean shorts with a black skull shirt (not exactly like the Sons of Anarchy signature reaper, but, hey, it comes close!) My shoes are black leather gladiator sandals to keep that “motorcycle club” feel and to make it a little dressy, I added a black blazer and a silver cuff bracelet.

Now that Sons of Anarchy Season 7 has ended, I’m off to find me a new show addiction. 🙂  Hope you all enjoyed these looks!

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