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Product Photography Lighting for Social Media Posts

Light Source Cozmolight | Camera Sony a6000

Everyone knows getting the right lighting is key, but we don’t always have the luxury of shooting during golden hours, at least I don’t. That’s why I’ve been spending a bunch of time figuring out the best, and most affordable option for lighting indoor and outdoor shots. I’m sure there are much better and more expensive options out there, but the convenience and small size of Cozmolight is what had me at hello. That and its versatility to be used both indoors and outdoors. I did an outdoor nighttime shoot with it as well and its power and ease-of-use is incredible. There’s no hefty equipment to lug around, it’s lightweight and most importantly the set up is a sinch. It’s a small light, smaller than my makeup bag, and you can either find them at Namies, or order it online. These are my quick tips on product photography lighting for social media posts.

If you have natural light, use it.

Otherwise, get a portable lighting source you can easily setup to take shots. Whatever the case, make sure your lighting source fully covers the area that needs to be shot so that you don’t have shadows. If you’re finding that you have too many shadows in your photos, try stepping further away from the products and shooting at a further distance. This will allow less surrounding reflections that will bounce the light off and create unwanted dark spots in your photo.

Mind the gaps.

Some empty space is good, but if you’re going for a flat lay look, try not to leave too much empty space between them. One thing you can do is add flowers, objects and even change up the background to a textured or marbled look to add dimension to your photo.

Framing is everything.

Create a paper cut out or imagine an invisible square to create a proportional frame around your products. I know instagram has changed its photo dimensions and you no longer have to shoot a perfect square, but having the frame around the products will ensure that nothing gets cut out of the picture once you upload it to your social media channel of choice.

Get real.

Filters are great to adjust the colors and create a style for your feed but too much filter will make your photo look suspect. Try to compare the colors of the items to your finished photos. If your pinks are turning red, and colors don’t match what you see in real life, consider using a filter that’s true to sight.

I hope these product photography lighting tips help you take better photos. Follow me on Instagram for more updates. Have a lovely weekend friends! I’m off to prepare an outfit for tomorrow’s Ellie Goulding concert at the Staples Center. I cannot wait, YAY!

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